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McDonald's for Android

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McDonald's for Android

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  • When it came to the MyMcD app your website had a section that asked "How can I get this App?"And the answer was "Simply download the McDonald's app onto your smartphone and start receiving special offers almost instantly. All you need is an Android smartphone or tablet which runs on version 4.0.3 and upwards."This has me so p%#ed off! After breaking my tablet (slid off a chair onto the floor, at McDonald's) I replaced it with an RCA 10" MS WINDOWS tablet. I went with Windows because I was more comfortable with the workings of the system. My Android tablet was frustrating because it didn't store files like an MS O/S and searching was complicated. BUTI had no idea that by switching to Windows I would have to give up the McD app. I was making very good use of the app- using a ton of coupons to save money. That MCD doesn't have an MS version of the MyMcD is insane. And there is no .apk to .exe conversion software. (The emulators I tried were a bust) I can't be the only one with a Windows portable device? More

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