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Stick Fighter 7.1.1

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Stick Fighter 7.1.1

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  • Create flipbook-style animations using a simple touch interface!Stick Fighter enables you to create flipbook-style frame-by-frame animations using a simple touch screen interface. Give your stick figures one of many weapons including a sword, axe, bow & arrow, etc. and easily create your own cartoon battles. Change the size and color of your objects if you like, edit and save your creations, then watch the animation on your phone. Share your animations with other people who have Stick Fighter installed on their phones, or export to video and watch on a computer. Ad-supported version.Send an email to stickfighterandroid@gmail.com with any issues you encounter.What's NewDec 11 (7.1.1)Bug fix on curvesDec 10 (7.1)All frames are now pre-loaded before playing an animationImproved frame grid performanceDec 7 (7.0.3)Added background color selectorImproved frame buffer timeDec 5Added 3x and 4x playback ratesAutomatically show the animation player settingsFixed a bug when playing before buffering is completeFixed a bug when tapping the add figure buttonFixed a problem with Voyager 7 tablets hiding player controlsDec 4Minor updateDec 3Major update

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