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DEEP DARKNESS // CM12 / CM13 full version download-NO crack,key,register code

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  • Be on the dark side of Android with this beautiful premium material dark theme.### [tut] how to fix systemUI FC's TO EVERYONE WHO GOT SYSTEM UI - FC - Here you ll know how to fix it in under 2 minutes without losing any personal data!!! https://youtu.be/WOz68ti0z5IBe on the dark side of Android with this beautiful premium material dark theme.Starting as a little modification, mainly created for the custom rom "BlissPop", this theme has grown up to a stand-alone CM12 theme, usable for every kind of device running CyanogenMod 12.This theme is the overhauled version of my well-known cm12 theme "DEEP DARKNESS //" - it comes with compatibility to the newest custom-rom commits and features and let the original style of "DEEP DARKNESS //" shine in a new polished way! - To be able to stay on the old style of DEEP DARKNESS // I decided to create this makeover as a stand-alone variant instead of updating the original theme.This theme got severall different color-schemes included. You need to download Arcus to be able to build these variants.♦ Download Arcus: https://goo.gl/ehq05BIF INSTALL FAILS, please check this:https://youtu.be/FQAbXXMFAU4CyanogenMod 12/13 theme engine is required to use this theme.Metadata ID for Arcus: 105739351821425192942What's New- fixes and improvements to google maps- added new launchscreens for google plus and youtube- themed new gboard (google keyboard)- fixed statusbar alarm icon ( was broken forever and I havent noticed :-/ )- themed stock battery icon- made whatsapp actionbar dark(er) again.If u want to do a little donation to value my work, you can do so via paypal - I highly appreciated it.paypal: moelle.donation@gmail.com

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