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Photo Collage Scrapbook (Free) 1.6.0

Photo Collage Scrapbook (Free) 1.6.0 full version download-NO crack,key,register code

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Publisher:ELECOM CO.,LTD.

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Photo Collage Scrapbook (Free) 1.6.0

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  • Decorate, collage and clip photo for your scrapbook / Awesome scrapbook makerBest Scrapbook / Photo Collage Maker ApplicationLet's creating scrapbook and photo collage with your favorite photos in your Android device."Everybody!Scrapbooking" is scrapbook/photo collage app for Android that is able to create and to share scrapbook/photo collage from your favorite photo album. Thus, you can also SHARE the scrapbook by sending via mail or Bluetooth. You can enjoy sharing scrapbook with your friends as if you exchange diary.There are free photo flame and design pack on “Everybody!Scrapbooking”, therefore it is able to create scrapbook by only preparing photo. Furthermore, you can use more design pack to create richer scrapbook if you buy additional paid design pack. Also, you can use your photo as design icon if you add paid function: is “Original Sticker Maker”,It is free to adjust layout such as rotating, scaling on editing page on “Everybody!Scrapbooking” You can add postscript on scrapbook that you received from your friends. Let’s create scrapbook by simple operation!Everyone can create scrapbook/photo collage easily since it is free to adjust rotating, scaling by touch on editing page. Thus, you can attach recorded message and music file. (You need to install equivalent recorder application)Add more design packFor users who want to create more stylish scrapbook, there is 3 kinds paid design packs. It will be added design pack after you buy additional paid design pack. You can make your friends get surprised by using additional paid design pack! Exchange scrapbook by mail or BluetoothIt is able to send scrapbook by via mail or Bluetooth. On Bluetooth, you need to paring first, later you can send easily.Enable to connect on twitter and facebookYou may share your scrapbook on SNS such as facebook and twitter. Also, it is able to update your scrapbook on facebook.Graffiti FunctionIt is able to make graffiti on photo by pen or stamp. Also, you may write and record message. Original Seal Function(Paid function)It is able to create trimmed original seal on photo flame, and original seal can be used as seal for scrapbook.[Supported OS]Android OS 2.1/2.2/2.3/4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4/5.0/6.0[ELECOM Apps Web Site]http://app.elecom.co.jp/[Twitter]http://twitter.com/ELECOM_Apps (English)[Facebook]http://www.facebook.com/ELECOM.Applications (English)What's NewVer 1.6.0 (2015/10/08)[Fix]- Minor change

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