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Dialer Theme Dark 1.0.6

Dialer Theme Dark 1.0.6 full version download-NO crack,key,register code

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Dialer Theme Dark 1.0.6

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  • This theme belongs to HD Phone i Call Screen OS9 ID.This theme belongs to HD Phone i Call Screen OS9 ID, please download it here at first: https://goo.gl/b3KvPBMake your phone calling screen look incredible. Personalize them and make themfancy like an Phone i calling display now!Bored with default callscreen theme??Customize You Dialer ScreenPersonalize your mobile phone is very trendy. If your family, friends or coworkers are trying tocontact you, you definitely need to customize each group make it fancy or professional. ??Setting up a HD portrait or any other picture for each of your contacts is very easy to do. Don’t bemainstream and have the same imagen form for each person. All the background of the callerdisplay are configurable.Be creative it is free!!How It WorksOnce you have installed the application, it is very simple to set up all the configurations youdesire. You have different panels where you can choose what to be displayed and how.Set up incoming, outcoming, ongoing, dismiss, hangup displays, different backgrounds andthemes, you have even the option to add cool animations or shows the number as internationalprefix style. All it is simply organized in an administration panel where you can access by tapingon our icon.Now you can simple change and modify your phone Dialer style.Super Features- Show and Hide Incoming and Outgoing Calls Ids.- Call Screen Replacement With True HD Pictures.- Dialer Themes.- Full Id Theme for Contacts.- OS9 Dialer Look and Style.- Clean and Attractive Design.- International Number Format.Don’t let your phone to look like any other and customize your calls as you desire now!Tell Us What You Think.Tell us what you like or dislike of our application, we are here to hear and help you.Give us a review we will answer all of our reviews. ??What's New- Improved Performance.

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