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KruKru Clock Live Wallpaper 2.30

KruKru Clock Live Wallpaper 2.30 full version download-NO crack,key,register code

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KruKru Clock Live Wallpaper 2.30

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  • ARTware KruKru Clock, very unusual hand movements make this clock interesting.The Free KruKru Clock resembles the setup in a Kru Kru Sushi restaurant where the dishes are presented on an assembly line. The hands change speed depending on the configuration but it is still quite easy to tell the time. Additionally the phase of the moon and the date (as an option month/day/year) are displayed. On tablet size devices the clock can be displayed (widget like) on part of the screen. For more settings like AM/PM time-format, background color, size and many more options one can upgrade from the free version to the ARTware Clock Collection that also includes many more clocks: (Astro, GeoMetric, Graph, MonDriaNoid, DeKonstr, KruKru, MulTi, Grid, ReGular, 2Timer, TimeMachine, HashTag and OnTime).The Free KruKru Clock Live Wallpaper (LWP) is a very small program that runs well on Android 2.1+ devices with Live Wallpaper. This and all other ARTware apps run well on Google's Nexus tablets and the Nexus 4 and Nexus phones.For "first time" Live Wallpaper Users (after download):Please go to Wallpapers -> Live Wallpaper -> ARTware KruKru ClockPlease email us if you have any problem question or suggestionsWe hope you like it!ARTware+Software(swiss+made modern minimal analog/digital apps without advertising)What's New2.30 Adjusted moon-phase calculation for 2019, update to fulfil new requirements and added link to new NumTree PRO Version2.25 Adjusted moon-phase calculation for 20182.15 Adjusted moon-phase calculation for 20172.10 Moon-phase calculation for 2016 and moved the Android Studio dev environment2.05 Adjusted moon-phase calculation 2.00 Adjusted date text display and added external link for companion app1.95 Improved Text size for phones and tablets with high resolution screens.

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