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Pivotal Tracker 2.02.006

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Pivotal Tracker 2.02.006

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  • Manage your projects, collaborate efficiently, and deliver better software.Pivotal Tracker is a product planning and management tool designed exclusively for modern software development teams. Our Android mobile app lets on-the-go team members know exactly what’s happening at any time, and puts the ability to create or respond to stories in the palm of their hand.Tracker supports an agile workflow and has been refined and optimized over ten years to provide just the right amount of structure to facilitate team communication and collaboration. Project status, workflow, conversations, and documents are easily accessible to the entire team—in one place—so product owners know where things stand and developers know what to focus on. Because Tracker was designed to be simple to learn and easy to use, product owners can be sure that the data they see reflects the true status of all their projects. -Team collaboration around a shared backlog everyone can see-Easy access to notifications and story creation-Project Analytics show big picture and fine details-Workspaces show all your work, across all projects and teams-Automated velocity provides an honest view of your team's future-More than 140 third-party apps and integrations-Project history shows everything that's happened Tracker is helping teams build better software by transforming how they build software—one story at a time.“The best agile project management tool, period.”—Kaz Walker, Sr. Developer, Foodee Media Inc.What's NewAdd, edit, and delete reviews!

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