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Logbook Travel 1.1.6

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Logbook Travel 1.1.6

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  • Logbook is a social media travel that helps travelers to Discover, Share & GuideWant to go travelling?Need detailed information about the destination you want to go to?Having a hard time finding budget information about the destination ?Want to know about your friends trip travelling around indonesia ?Need to find a place to easily share your travelling experiences ?Logbook is the solution!We believe that sharing should be made easy. we believe that discovering should be fun. we believe that everyone should be able to afford their dreamsNow you have to be asking, "what in the world is Logbook?" Logbook is a social media travel app that helps travelers keep track of their journey online. With a microblog concept, you can record the entire budget and activity of your journey simply, easily, completely. When traveling, you could take note of your destinations, accomodations, transportations, and culinary hotspots and share them with others.Discover - Get ready to set your sail in bound of new and interesting travel destinationShare - Tell the tale of your journey to the world & let your experiences be knownGuide - Exchange informations and tips, follow each other's footsteps.we believe that sharing should be made easy. we believe that discovering should be fun. we believe thatyou should be able to afford your dream.Features :-Simply and easily record the detail of your journey -Completely share your travelling experiences starting from your Flight, Transportation , Local attraction and Culinary hotspot- Calculate your spendings before or after you go on your trip-Explore the journey details of other travelers based on their travelling experience-Put your favorite destinations on a wishlist-Follow other travelers to know more about their adventures and new destinations-Get followed by other travelers who want to know about your travelling experiences-Get detailed Budget information from other travelers-Know exactly how to get to the destination with the map based location service.-Share your journey on Facebook and Twitter.Download Logbook Now! Happy Travelling!If you want to know more about us :Discover and talk to us on Twitter : https://twitter.com/logbooktravelReach us on free download center : www.logbook.travelWhat's NewBugs fixing..

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