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Android Wear for iPhone

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And now there''s a new version of Android Wear, 2.0, that, among many other things, is designed to make using an Android Wear smartwatch with an iPhone less of a compromise.

Android Wear has been updated to 2.0, and along with the version upgrade came a couple of big new features for iPhone owners—and there are several new watches available that support it.


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Android Wear for iPhone

Features : Android Wear for iPhone

  • But now, a new tweak, called Android Wear Utility – by developer shiitakeo – is now available for jailbroken iPhones, bringing a basic level of Android Wear compatibility to what is arguably the world’s most popular smartphone.

    Even on an iPhone, Android Wear offers a lot of great functionality. I even found it kept a more reliable connection with my phone than my Apple Watch. That said, the two platforms are very different.

    Fortunately, Android Wear supports iOS 8.2+, so as long as you have an iPhone running the latest version of iOS, you’re all set. If you’re wondering how to get started, here is a comprehensive guide on how to set up and use an Android Wear device with an iPhone: Pairing Android Wear with iPhone

    How To Use Android Wear With iPhone Running iOS. As previously mentioned, the Android Wear Utility isn’t an all-singing all-dancing affair just yet, but it does contain enough sophistication to allow music to be controlled on the iPhone via the wearable as well as receive notifications and alerts directly to the Android Wear device in real-time as they come through to the connected iPhone.

    However, Android Wear also works with iOS, and Android 2.0 works almost as a standalone watch, making it much more useful than it used to be with Apple’s mobile operating system. When it comes to smartwatches on iOS, many people think the Apple Watch is the only option.

    On your iPhone, Download the Android Wear app. Turn on your Android Wear watch and ensure it is reset to factory settings. On your iPhone, open the Android Wear app and proceed through the instructions, until you reach the Connect to your watch screen. On your Android Wear watch, choose your language.

How To Use : Android Wear for iPhone

  • 1.Pairing Android Wear with iPhone. The Android Wear app will begin syncing all the apps, and data to your watch. This step usually takes a while, so be patient. Once all that is done, your watch will be connected to your iPhone, and you will begin receiving notifications, and alerts on your smartwatch.

    2.The dearly departed Pebble watches are compatible, as is the Samsung Gear S3 and S2—and yes, even Google’s Android Wear watches work with your iPhone. It’s true!

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  • The first thing you’ll need to do is grab the Android Wear app for your iPhone. Once that’s installed and ready to go, pairing the watch is simple. NOTE: This article assumes you’re using a new Android Wear watch—one that hasn’t been previously paired with another phone.

    Wear OS by Google lets iPhone users pair a Wear watch and get an experience almost as good as those treading the pure Android smartphone-pairing path.

    With Android Wear 2.0, this is the first time iPhone owners get to experience Google Assistant. To use Assistant, long-press the power button on your watch. As with Siri , Assistant listens and

    With Android Wear being support on both Android and iPhone, the Apple Watch is not the only smartwatch that works with Apple''s 

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