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ZenMate VPN for Firefox

ZenMate VPN for Firefox

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ZenMate VPN for Firefox

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  • ZenMate is a free and easy to use Firefox Browser plugin that provides a VPN solution - encrypting all your browser traffic and routing it through our ZenMate cloud to provide a secure and private browsing experience, changing your virtual IP location to any of our 5 country locations. Forget internet restrictions! We provide geo-switching options that will allow you to access blocked content wherever you are.Try ZenMate out for yourself - Install now for free!

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ZenMate VPN for Firefox

  • The ZenMate Firefox VPN extension uses the best encryption software and shields you from data thieves to fully ensure your security online. Not even we at ZenMate can see what you and our 42 million users worldwide get up to.

    Use ZenMate''s apps across browsers, mobile and desktop. Extend your security to all your devices with ZenMate Ultimate, powered by OpenVPN. ZenMate VPN for {name}

    VPN for Windows by ZenMate. The best solution for internet privacy and security on any Windows device. Use our VPN service and enjoy unrestricted internet today.

    Zenmate for Firefox is a proxy switcher add-on that automates the process of switching. Even if you don''t know a thing about proxy switching, you''re going to be able to take advantage of Zenmate for Firefox.

    ZenMate VPN - the best cyber security solution. Encrypt your connection, access our secure proxy servers & unblock websites easily.

    Zenmate VPN does offer a free version. These versions do not allow you to pick the server, only the country, and may leave you without access to your favorite streaming site. Zenmate Firefox and Zenmate for Chrome are two easy places to try out the free version as they can be downloaded as extensions.

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    ZenMate VPN for Firefox-Enjoy unmatched stability and performance through servers in over 30 locations (4 locations for free users). Encrypt online activities and unblock websites to enjoy an unrestricted and secure web, the way it was meant to be.

    ZenMate VPN — Now powered by a complete WebExtensions rewrite, built up from scratch. ZenMate for Firefox offers the best cyber security solution to encrypt your connection, access our secure proxy servers & unblock websites easily.

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