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By default, Panda Free VPN is configured to stay disconnected, but you can redirect the Internet traffic through a virtual private network by choosing a virtual server and toggling the VPN active.

Download the PandaPow app for the operating system you use. NOTE: These downloads are only needed for our Classic VPN. If you are using PandaPow WiFi all you need is a browser, no need to install any software.


User-rating:9( 43 Reviews )
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Panda VPN

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  • With Panda Security, you can have safe and private access to all content on the internet: TV shows, social networks, sports, live audio and video streaming, news, dating, games, etc., from anywhere in the world! Also, thanks to its antivirus protection, you don't have to worry about viruses and malware. Relax and safely connect to wifi and public networks - Browse the internet while keeping your information hidden and your privacy safe - Unblock all content on the internet without regional restrictions - Keep your IP hidden from hackers and snoops - Change your virtual location and access exclusive content from other countries. Try Panda VPN Premium for free during 7 days.Panda VPN is ranked #1 in performance, speed, and reliability. We have thousands of servers all over the world, guaranteeing top performance and speed. Our technology is the most reliable with the safest VPN (Virtual Private Network) on the market. Privately and safely browse the internet. We protect your identity and your information everywhere, be it at home, work, in public, or travelling abroad. We encrypt all data, and we don't save or share any information regarding your online activity.

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  • 1.Panda VPN is a branch of the bigger Panda Security company. A multinational corporation that specializes in IT security solutions, Panda Security offers customers a whole suite of advanced cyber security services and features to prevent, fight, and repair damage from even the most serious viruses, malware, and cyber threats of today.

    2.Panda VPN. Panda VPN (Virtual Private Network) protection allows you to secure your Internet connections with complete peace of mind, using for this a private, secure and virtual data tunnel. NOTE: This VPN protection is available for computers with Windows® 7 or higher operating system®.

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  • Provide fast and secure. access to the Internet

    Sep 13, 2018 · Panda VPN Panda VPN is a 2-in-1 antivirus and virtual private network (VPN) solution for Windows and Android. It allows you to access the internet with no hackers, borders, limitations or risk, keeping you anonymous and protected while you browse. With Panda VPN you can access online content with no borders, safely and privately.

    VPN Made Simple. Really Simple. Our clients say PandaPow is one of the simplest VPN services on the market. With our easy-to-use apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad and other devices, you can connect to VPN in just a few seconds.

    VPN Network. First of all, Panda VPN’s network is administrated in a different way than most users might expect. The reason for this is that Panda doesn’t have any physical servers in the countries it covers, but attributes IP addresses belonging to them by using virtual servers instead.

    VPN/Antivirus Combo: Panda started in the world of antivirus and has since expanded, with help from reputable VPN creators, into the world of VPNs. It is a reliable package that works efficiently as one application.

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