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UltraSurf Security Privacy & Unblock VPN

UltraSurf Security Privacy & Unblock VPN full version download-NO crack,key,register code

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Editor Review : UltraSurf Security Privacy & Unblock VPN


User-rating:9( 33 Reviews )

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UltraSurf Security Privacy & Unblock VPN

Features : UltraSurf Security Privacy & Unblock VPN

  • Unblock The Internet With The Flip Of A Switch

    Ultrasurf (Windows Client) is a free tool that allows customers to visit websites safely and freely through a secure encrypted tunnel. It's a small file, and no installation is required.
    Ultrasurf runs on Microsoft Windows. It supports Internet Explorer by default. You may also use Google Chrome. To use other browsers, you need to manually set up a proxy to use Ultrasurf. Certain anti-virus programs may prevent Ultrasurf from downloading or starting. If you encounter this problem, you may need to accept Ultrasurf as an exception, or temporarily disable your anti-virus software.

    1. Double click the Ultrasurf download button (Download).
    2. When the file is unzipped, double click on the .exe file.
    3. The Ultrasurf interface provides you the option of adjusting your settings. You can use it directly.
    4. If the anti-virus software reports a virus, just turn off the anti-virus software.

    UltraSurf Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN - Google Chrome

    Ultrasurf Chrome Extension is a preferred Chrome extension that is simple and easy to use and support all systems (Windows, Mac and Linux, etc.)  You can download UltraSurf for Mac as well. It is fairly easy and only the by following these few steps you'll be installed and operating with this browser quickly.
    1. To Install Open your Chrome browser and click here. Click on Add to Chrome to start downloading the extension.



    2. After the download is completed, Chrome will automatically install the extension. You'll see the icon just before three vertical lines on the bottom right-hand corner of Chrome browser window as shown in the picture. Click on the UltraSurf icon and it'll show you a button. Toggle it ON to enable UltraSurf for Mac OS.

    3. At this moment, you can go anywhere. 

    If you have any problem and we will resolve it for you.


How To Use : UltraSurf Security Privacy & Unblock VPN

  • Unblock The Internet With The Flip Of A Switch Unblock The Internet. Fast And Secure Proxy And VPN Protection At The Flip Of A Switch. Join Millions In Reclaiming Your Rights To A Free Worldwide And Unblocked Internet.
    Privacy Security Freedom
        - Circumvent repressive censorship and get the information you need.
        - Use public wifi securely and safely.
        - Secure your traffic
        - Hide your IP and location from internet sites you visit.

Comments : UltraSurf Security Privacy & Unblock VPN

  • Jack Pearse Watson:
    First i could do nothing using my computer. Some thing always blocks what i do. but after i got ULTRA SURF now i can every thing any way I want to because of ULTRA SURF'S advanced proxy network.THIS APP IS THE BEST!!!!!

    hamed ariyae:
    It's best all over the world.
    Ali Moghtadery:
    Cameron Lofland:
    its cool and free its doing the job.
    Romel porcadilla:
    This is noiceeeeee. Works at my gay AF school.
    Hossein Farnia:
    very reliable, I wanted to give this a four star rating due tho the override factor with lan school but this continues to amaze me. I love this and I cant tell you how it even helped me with m school work by unlocking videos on website and unblocking some sources.
    Jacob Khare:
    This is the perfect item to get pass all kinds of unreasonable blocks on websites and apps and has an absolutely minimal effect on browsing and ascetic.I would recommend it highly to get past most systems, but some schools or workplaces may still be able to block it's installation or full use. Still, very good.

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